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Armenia expects UN support in development of external ways of communication for Armenia

Armenia expects UN support in development of external ways of communication for Armenia, claims Armenian Deputy FA Minister Gegham Gharibjanyan meeting Cheick Sidi Diarra, Deputy Secretary General of UN and general representative of countries not having access to sea. The parts agreed that such countries must have free access to sea, while separate commercial projects usually put borders in the area blocking projects already developed, also in cooperation with the UN. Such activity should not get the support of international organizations including the UN, claims Gegham Gharibjanyan.


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Turkey puts an end to only some of the blockade terms against Armenia

Turkey stops some of the terms of blockade against Armenia functioning since 1992: now Armenia can use the airspace of Turkey as any other country of the world, not needing permission for passing through the area of modern Turkey. This step made by Turkey became possible after warming in the relations of the two countries after the recent invitation of Serzh Sargsyan to his Turkish counterpart to visit Armenia for watching Armenia-Turkey football match. Numerous international organizations state their position concerning the absence of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia condemning Turkish blockade of Armenia and demanding Turkey make steps towards the normalization of their relations with Eastern neighbour.

Recently the UN General Secretary Pan Gi Mun highly appreciated “the football diplomacy” of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, which became a huge positive step for starting the normalization process of the relations between the two countries.

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