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Refugees return has limitation period

European Human Rights Court made a verdict on a case of Cyprus citizens demanding their property lost in Northern Cyprus occupied by Turkey more than 35 years ago. The court declined the appeal claiming one injustice can not be substituted by another one, northern Cyprus citizens can not have their homes back because 35 years have passed.
If the European Human Rights Court claims so, this should be definitely mentioned during the talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The later regularly mentions its refugees from Republic of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic to go back. Besides the fact, that the number of Azero-Turkish refugees was about 500,000 during the conflict, while during following years the number has been artificially risen up to a million, the refugees have left the region about 20 years ago already. And the claim, that one injustice must be substituted by another one, should be used in any conflict in all times. And the verdict of European Human Rights Court should become a precedent for other similar problems around the world to solve the situation once and for all.


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Armenia seeks for donors for rebuilding the border areas destroyed during the war initiated by Azerbaijan

Armtown.com writes about intention of Armenian Government to find donors for rebuilding the border areas mostly destroyed during the war initiated by Azerbaijan in 1991-1994. Numerous houses in village areas remain destroyed. The State Migration Agency head Gagik Yeganyan claim, there are about 2000 refuges from those areas who are afraid to return to their homes because they are still usually fired by Azerbaijan neighbouring forces. The financial aid will rebuild the infrastructure and help the refuges successfully settle back buying the necessary seeds and cattle.

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