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Warming in Armenia-Turkey relations

In addition to the previous analysis of possible warming in Armenia-Turkey relations, 517DESIGN publishes [RU] the news concerning signing of partnership aggreement between the Armenian Public Television and Turkish TRT channel. The agreement provides exchanging experience between the two companies, TV programs about Armenia and Turkey, etc. The Secretary General of TRT Ali Kemoglu-Oglu claimed the first radio translation in Turkey was organized by in 1907 by Armenians from Constantinople and Turkish people appreciates that fact.

Besides it is worth to mention the fact of starting repairs on Gyumri (Armenia) – Kars (Turkey) railway by South Caucasian railways, which makes believe a real warming in the relations of two countries takes place.


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Turkish chance in South Caucasus

Economist analyzes the recent events in Armenian Highland and South Caucasus, claiming Turkey has got a chance for reconciliation with Armenia and getting new opportunities in the region. The recent war in Georgia showed the vulnerability of Armenia blockaded by Turkey and Azerbaijan, while opening the borders may open new perspective for all the parts of the region:

“All of this should point in one direction,” says a Western diplomat in Yerevan: “peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.” Reconciliation with Armenia would give Azerbaijan an alternative export route for its oil and Armenia the promise of a new lifeline via Turkey.

And again about the invitation of Armenian President Serze Sargsyan to Turkish counterpart to visit Armenia to watch together the football match between the two countries.

The biggest obstacle remains Azerbaijan and its allies in the Turkish army. Mr Erdogan was expected to try to square Azerbaijan’s president, Ilham Aliev, in a visit to Baku this week. Should he fail, Mr Gul may not attend the football match—and a chance for reconciliation may be lost.

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Unzipped reports,  South Caucasian Railways repairs the station on Gyumri-Kars railway through which, according to the secretary of the company is going to receive trains directly from Turkey. No dates were mentioned as well as any political decisions from either Armenia or Turkey. They claim no political decisions depend on them and their job is to prepare the railway.

There is no smoke without fire anyhow. Taking into consideration the fact Russia is selling the S-300 Air force fighter systems to Turkey, to one of the strongest NATO armies, Ar_Vest analyzes the visible warming in the relations of Turkey and Russia as possible prelude to global regional military reshaping, when Armenia may find itself to one side and the rest of the countries to another.

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