CBS – 60 Minutes – Battle over history – The Armenian Genocide

Video shown recently on CBS channel. Turkey surly starts protesting, well let them do. Actually they’d better accept the real way of things, come to peace with their history and start watching the Armenian Genocide in its legal aspects, rather than put everything to historians and with this try to block the dissemination of the truth. As Karen Vrtanesyan writes in his blog:

There will be lots of references to the CBS’s «Battle Over History – 60 Minutes» video, which speaks about the Armenian genocide. I don’t share the excitement of fellow Armenians, because the documentary has a serious flow: our battle isn’t «over the history», but over the future. Genocide is not a historical category, it is a legal category by definition.

Actually it’s the Turks who do their best to make everyone believe that «leaving the genocide to historians» is the only rational thing to do.

Turks would never invest so much effort and resources into the whole process of genocide denial if it was «just part of the history».

On March 4 Armenian Genocide Resolution will be put on voting in US Congress. Millions of supporters of the resolution, together with all international organizations working and investigating genocides around the world hope at last the time has come for justice to be recognized. Armenian Horizon TV will broadcast the discussion live at 6:45 A.M. Passific Time as well as we will be able to watch it online at


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