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22 years ago on this day Azeri Turks were slaughtering the Armenians for what they are Armenians, in Azerbaijan, city of Sumgait. For three days the police did not intervene. According to official statistics number of victims was about 30 and. The real figure had remained unknown. First compiled list of the dead included the names of about 60, but it disappeared from prosecutors office of Azerbaijan. Armenians began to compile a new list, which is presented today as a number victims. While the three city morgues received more than 100 corpses. Breaking into Maternal House Turks were throwing Armenian babies outside through the window, and their number also was not included in the list too. Three days later, only the security forces stopped the slaughter. As far as I know no one Azerbaijani not punished.

Rest in peace all innocent victims of Azeri Turkish aggression.

Photos from Sumgait: http://community.livejournal.com/sumgait1988/2290.html and http://community.livejournal.com/sumgait1988/5836.html

Russian soldiers butnt by Azeroturks: http://community.livejournal.com/sumgait1988/1697.html

Articles on Sumgait genocide in NewYork Times: http://community.livejournal.com/sumgait1988/4598.html

Video from Sumgait: http://kornelij.livejournal.com/518522.html and http://pigh.livejournal.com/314783.html

Armenian citizen of Sumgait burnt alive by Azerbaijani Turks in 1988

Armenian citizen of Sumgait burnt alive by Azerbaijani Turks in 1988

The position of official Azerbaijan looks very similar to position of those who deny Holocaust, who claim Holocaust was organized by the Jews, Azerbaijani officials claim Sumgait genocide was organized by Armenians. They found out that one of the murderers in Sumgait had Armenian surname of his step-father and use this to call Armenians organized mass-slaughter of Armenians in Sumgait. While a huge number of facts, testimony of witnesses claim, the nationalist movement of Azerbaijan together with officials from higher instances of AzSSR prepared and implemented a massacre of Armenians. No police interfered the slaughter for several day, no military troops were entered the city for three days from 27 to 29 February 1988.


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Aliev: Azerbaijan aims at attacking Armenia in all aspects

During the government session Azerbaijan president Illham Aliev, a pseudo-supporter of peace process in the South Caucasus and Armenian Highland, claims Azerbaijan is going to keep on attacking Armenia in all aspects, which is under blockade by Azerbaijan and Turkey since the mid-90-s, Panorama says. The pseudo supporter of democracy, who has occupied the president position after his father, former president of Azerbaijan Heidar Aliev’s death, in spite of uncountable accuses in falsifying the election results, Aliev today keeps on performing the anti-Armenian policy aimed at complete isolation of the latter. The task seems much easier in the recent years due to the oil and gas pipelines which bring immense income both to the budget of Azerbaijan and to Aliev’s personal account.

Today having a serious source of income, as well as being a stable partner for the West in the process of transportation Azerbaijani oil to Europe bypassing Russia, Aliev can afford any machinations during the elections (which he is accused in by independent organizations), any human right and freedom of speech abuses in his country (which the international society seems to refuse to see), now he starts another stage of anti-Armenian action, which he try to tie to the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic independence process, but actually aims at uniting with the elder brother Turkey, which the only troubling factor is Christian Armenia, the last part of which today tries to keep its independence in spite of double-side blockade. And the longer international society refuse to realize the anti-logical and anti-human processes initiated by Turkish states, the farther they will go.

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Armenia seeks for donors for rebuilding the border areas destroyed during the war initiated by Azerbaijan

Armtown.com writes about intention of Armenian Government to find donors for rebuilding the border areas mostly destroyed during the war initiated by Azerbaijan in 1991-1994. Numerous houses in village areas remain destroyed. The State Migration Agency head Gagik Yeganyan claim, there are about 2000 refuges from those areas who are afraid to return to their homes because they are still usually fired by Azerbaijan neighbouring forces. The financial aid will rebuild the infrastructure and help the refuges successfully settle back buying the necessary seeds and cattle.

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Turkish president guards are preparing for visit to Armenia

While the Armenian and Turkish press analyze the possible visit of Turkish President Abdulah Gul to Armenia, Turkish president guards are preparing for possible visit to Armenia, Today’s Zaman reports. A 15-member counterattack team is going to accompany the president during his visit to Armenia. At the same time officials at the Foreign Ministry of Turkey did not confirm the future visit to Armenia.

Meanwhile Hurriet publishes Armenian president Serze Sargsyan’s interview to the Radical:

Establishing diplomatic relations is the best solution. As a result of this, a lot of sub-committees and groups can be formed under the umbrella of a commission created within both governments…

The warming in the relations of Armenia and Turkey looks like changes the situation over the neighbouring relations of the two countries.

Turkey has blocked the border with Armenia in 1993, aiming at to stop the process of going Artsakh (Karabakh) independent during the war in the region. In 1991 Artsakh organized referendum and the people of the country made a decision to go independent according to the acting constitution of Soviet Union of that time, but Azerbaijan initiated military actions to bring it inside by means of force.

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Azerbaijan: How false reports are created

Panorama reports Artsakh (Karabakh) Republic MFA Information Department head Marcelle Petrosyan’s commentaries on the recent “news” from Azerbaijani Press about creation of a new village settlement for refugees called Nargiztepe on the territory of Artsakh remaining under occupation of Azerbaijan 2-3km far from the border line. There is no need actually to settle 5-6 thousands refugees right close to the border of Artsakh (Karabakh), which as Azerbaijani press usually reports is “regularly attacked by the aggressive Artsakh militaries” (the reason of such pseudo-attacks are never explained). The official claims this is supposedly a usual false report from Azerbaijani propaganda agencies and the further evolution of events may go to disseminating falsified news about allegedly attacked settlement of Azerbaijani turks by Artsakh Security Army, so that once more to accuse Artsakh Armenian part in warlike tendencies.

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Armenian websites hacked by Azerbaijani hackers

Azerbaijani hackers attacked several Armenian websites during the last two days. Armenian Ombudsman website was hacked at the evening of August 11 (www.ombuds.am), the Ombudsman Office reports. At the same time the Ministry of Education of Republic of Armenia was attacked too, in the result of the attack for some time the website was inaccessible. Both offices call the aggressive actions inadmissible and claim all such actions must be judged by criminal code. Wonder whether Azerbaijani officials would just try to find the hackers and what reaction would be given by them.

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Azerbaijan once again breaks armistice attacking Artsakh-Karabakh border

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defence Ministry reports, at night of 12/13 of August 2008 Azerbaijani army once again broke armistice attacking Artsakh-Karabakh border. And although there are no victims among Artsakh-Karabakh Security Army, braking of the armistice signed in 1994 between Karabakh and Azeri leaders under the aegis of OSCE is becoming a usual thing for Azerbaijani army, along with no condemnation of Azeri aggression by international society that may become a serious threat to the security in the South Caucasus region.

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