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Iran in Caucasus Union

Stepan Safaryan, MP of Armenian opposition party Jarangutyun, expresses idea of necessity of participation of Iran in the Caucasus Union, which is planned to be formed in nearest future. The current structure including Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia is actually a 3+2 structure with Armenia and Russia partnership and Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan group. Aiming at equality of the voices it is necessary to include Iran in the partnership. This will equalize the rights and possibilities of the participation countries of the future Union.


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Unzipped reports,  South Caucasian Railways repairs the station on Gyumri-Kars railway through which, according to the secretary of the company is going to receive trains directly from Turkey. No dates were mentioned as well as any political decisions from either Armenia or Turkey. They claim no political decisions depend on them and their job is to prepare the railway.

There is no smoke without fire anyhow. Taking into consideration the fact Russia is selling the S-300 Air force fighter systems to Turkey, to one of the strongest NATO armies, Ar_Vest analyzes the visible warming in the relations of Turkey and Russia as possible prelude to global regional military reshaping, when Armenia may find itself to one side and the rest of the countries to another.

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