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Iran in Caucasus Union

Stepan Safaryan, MP of Armenian opposition party Jarangutyun, expresses idea of necessity of participation of Iran in the Caucasus Union, which is planned to be formed in nearest future. The current structure including Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia is actually a 3+2 structure with Armenia and Russia partnership and Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan group. Aiming at equality of the voices it is necessary to include Iran in the partnership. This will equalize the rights and possibilities of the participation countries of the future Union.


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Armenia – platform for peace cooperation

Armenian Atlantic Association head Tevan Petrosyan claims it is not the easiest thing to reply how Armenia should act in the current situation, taking into consideration the recent events in Georgia and South Osetia. But one thing is clear enough – Armenia has got a chance to become a platform where peace cooperation processes can be achieved. He also thinks the conception of national security of Armenia developed within the frames of IPAP needs revision and possible.

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Armenia most favorable country among post Soviet countries

RealArmenia writes about Failed States Index 2008, which is based on various independent sources and covers the period between May and December 2007. The index rates Armenia much lower (i.e. more favorable) than the former USSR countries, including the South Caucasus countries Georgia and Azerbaijan. The highest position is taken by Somali, and the lowest, i.e. the most preferable country is Norway.


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Train lines from Azerbaijan to Turkey leaving Armenia out “unite Caucasus countries”

Very little seem to have changed in Turkey towards establishing normal relations with Armenia. After being invited to Armenia, Turkey president Gul hasn’t yet given answer through several weeks.

Moreover today he announced the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars train lines constructed unite countries of the region. He must have missed the fact, when planning the lines Armenia was left out and is not included into the project.


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