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Aliev: Azerbaijan aims at attacking Armenia in all aspects

During the government session Azerbaijan president Illham Aliev, a pseudo-supporter of peace process in the South Caucasus and Armenian Highland, claims Azerbaijan is going to keep on attacking Armenia in all aspects, which is under blockade by Azerbaijan and Turkey since the mid-90-s, Panorama says. The pseudo supporter of democracy, who has occupied the president position after his father, former president of Azerbaijan Heidar Aliev’s death, in spite of uncountable accuses in falsifying the election results, Aliev today keeps on performing the anti-Armenian policy aimed at complete isolation of the latter. The task seems much easier in the recent years due to the oil and gas pipelines which bring immense income both to the budget of Azerbaijan and to Aliev’s personal account.

Today having a serious source of income, as well as being a stable partner for the West in the process of transportation Azerbaijani oil to Europe bypassing Russia, Aliev can afford any machinations during the elections (which he is accused in by independent organizations), any human right and freedom of speech abuses in his country (which the international society seems to refuse to see), now he starts another stage of anti-Armenian action, which he try to tie to the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic independence process, but actually aims at uniting with the elder brother Turkey, which the only troubling factor is Christian Armenia, the last part of which today tries to keep its independence in spite of double-side blockade. And the longer international society refuse to realize the anti-logical and anti-human processes initiated by Turkish states, the farther they will go.


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US National Archive violates Act of Freedom of Information

Mark Maccarly, advocate of Vardges Eghyan, claims the National Archive of the United States refuses to present them documents, which according to the terms should be presented in the period of 20 days, but even after numerous requests were not given. Vardges Eghyan works on cases of compensating the issues of Armenian Genocide victims once secured by US companies. The laywer claim, those documents are proposingly contain certain data on the list of countries who organized the genocide, that is why now the archive keeps off showing them.

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Azerbaijan Central Bank blackmails Webstern Union and MoneyGram

Reuters writes about Azerbaijan Central Bank put a ban on Western Union and MoneyGram activity in Azerbaijan since July 30 2008. The reason they bring is activity of the organizations in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, which still remain announced as part of Azerbaijan, while de-facto Artsakh-Karabakh Republic is fully independent state which has never been in the structure of independent Azerbaijan. The blackmailing had an effect and Western Union and MoneyGram declared stopping any activity in Artsakh-Karabakh Republic, which helped them to improve relations with the Central Bank of the oil-rich Azerbaijan.

Hurrah, he God of Money and Oil! You know how to overcome the truth and justice!

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