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Baroness Caroline Cox about the pseudo-democratic elections in Azerbaijan

Baroness Caroline Cox claim, Azerbaijani president has throttled the opposition in the country, which realizing the uselessness of the elections simply boycot them, Panarmenian writes. In recent years she has observed elections in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) and state the high level as a result of democratic processes in the country, while Azerbaijan, which keep Artsakh in blockade for many years is falling more and more into tyrranic regime. Caroline Cox hopes the international observeres give appropriate and fair assessment of the election in Azerbaijan.


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Azerbaijan: How false reports are created

Panorama reports Artsakh (Karabakh) Republic MFA Information Department head Marcelle Petrosyan’s commentaries on the recent “news” from Azerbaijani Press about creation of a new village settlement for refugees called Nargiztepe on the territory of Artsakh remaining under occupation of Azerbaijan 2-3km far from the border line. There is no need actually to settle 5-6 thousands refugees right close to the border of Artsakh (Karabakh), which as Azerbaijani press usually reports is “regularly attacked by the aggressive Artsakh militaries” (the reason of such pseudo-attacks are never explained). The official claims this is supposedly a usual false report from Azerbaijani propaganda agencies and the further evolution of events may go to disseminating falsified news about allegedly attacked settlement of Azerbaijani turks by Artsakh Security Army, so that once more to accuse Artsakh Armenian part in warlike tendencies.

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Imprisoned for being Talish

Ahousekeeper publishes article describing the recent events about imprisonment of famous 68-year-old scientist, “Talishi Siado” newspaper general editor, head of department in the Institute of Philology of Azerbaijani Science Academy Novruzali Mamedov. He was first arrested for “insubordination” to police, later was tormented being made to claim he was a Iranian spy and no lawyer was allowed to be met, and now he was put in prisont for 10 years term, actually for being Talish, who is proud of his nationality and does not change views in spite of Turkish domination in historical Talish region.

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Azerbaijani mass-media pratices on misinterpretation of quotes

In addition of the two recent postings about distortion of PACE president’s words (1, 2), today.az publishes an article entitled:

Special representative of OSCE chairman: “Nagorno Karabakh status should be defined in the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”.

The situation is quite oppressive, but only if you do not read the whole article, which says:

He noted that Nagorno Karabakh status should be settled on the basis of self-determination principle … in the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

It is getting clear that one-sided subjective interpretation of facts is not to Azerbaijani mass-media advantage, which in the result plays against the publisher himself and Azerbaijan as a whole. The transparancy and objective interpretation is one of the most important factors the mass-media must have, it seems they forgot it there.

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2nd part. Distortion of PACE president’s word in Azeri mass-media

Yesterday the president of PACE Luis Maria de Puig talked about distortion of his words in Azerbaijani mass-media. Today Azerbaijani News Website again published his words torn out of context, as if in Yerevan he claimed in Artsakh-Karabakh problem final solution PACE recognizes territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Wonder how many times the author of words need to refute misinformation to make Azerbaijani propoganda machine slow down.

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