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Turkey returns to its dark-ages policy when facing the Armenian Genocide

The London Daily News criticizes the recent Turkish Prime Erdogan threats to deport the Armenian population of current Republic of Turkey. The editorial says:

Turkey once again is retreating into “dark ages mode” with threats by Prime Erdogan following comments during a recent visit to London to expel 100,000 Armenians in Turkey “if necessary I will tell the 100,000: OK, time to go back to your country”.

Such intentions to solve the Armenian Question once and for all are not new for Turkish government, which 95 years ago started the deportation of the entire native population of historical Armenia occupied by Ottoman Turks. The results of it everybody knows today: more than 1,5 millions of native Armenians slaughtered, more than 500,000 escaped to foreign countries forming the Armenian diaspora all around the world, which is one of the largest in the USA, Russia, France, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Argentina, Australia and others.

Returning to the recent events: on March 4, 2009 The Foreign Relations Committee of US Congress adopted the Armenian Genocide Resolution to enter agenda of US Congress. Later on 11th of March Swedish parliament in addition to the Armenian Genocide Recognition resolution approved years ago, approved a law-project on the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides committed by Ottoman Turkey in the period of 1915-1923.

Turkish denial position was expected: Turkey called its ambassador back from USA and Sweden. Turkish Prime Minister claims later:

“There are 170 thousand Armenians living in Turkey. 70 thousand of them are Turkish citizens. If necessary, I will tell the remaining 100 thousand to leave. I can do so because they are not Turkish citizens and I’m not obliged to keep them in my country,” BBC Turkce quoted Erdogan as saying.

A number of political, non-governmental organizations and mass-media called it “blackmail“. Innocent victims of the first genocide of 20th century must be recognized and the results of the genocide overcome regardless the one-day economic profit from relations with Turkey.

Anyway the Swedish case had quite an interesting overcome: Swedish prime-minister expresses his excuses to the Turkish counterpart for the Armenian Genocide resolution. But Social Democratic Party of Sweden has sued the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Today, regardless the economic blackmail by Turkey and its denial policy against the Armenian Genocide revognition, 22 countries of the world, 43 states of the USA, Roman Pope, European parliament and a number of other international organizations have already adopted laws on condemning the Armenian Genocide. While Turkish position still remains unchanged. As Bernard-Henri Levy, one of main scholars of Jewish genocide, says:

I was asking myself what would have happened to the survivors of Holocaust, what would have happened to the Jews of my generation in the aftermath of the Holocaust if they were faced with a structurally revisionist Germany, a Germany denying the crime. This is the situation of Armenians. And this is what makes the situation particularly tragic.


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