22 years ago on this day Azeri Turks were slaughtering the Armenians for what they are Armenians, in Azerbaijan, city of Sumgait. For three days the police did not intervene. According to official statistics number of victims was about 30 and. The real figure had remained unknown. First compiled list of the dead included the names of about 60, but it disappeared from prosecutors office of Azerbaijan. Armenians began to compile a new list, which is presented today as a number victims. While the three city morgues received more than 100 corpses. Breaking into Maternal House Turks were throwing Armenian babies outside through the window, and their number also was not included in the list too. Three days later, only the security forces stopped the slaughter. As far as I know no one Azerbaijani not punished.

Rest in peace all innocent victims of Azeri Turkish aggression.

Photos from Sumgait: and

Russian soldiers butnt by Azeroturks:

Articles on Sumgait genocide in NewYork Times:

Video from Sumgait: and

Armenian citizen of Sumgait burnt alive by Azerbaijani Turks in 1988

Armenian citizen of Sumgait burnt alive by Azerbaijani Turks in 1988

The position of official Azerbaijan looks very similar to position of those who deny Holocaust, who claim Holocaust was organized by the Jews, Azerbaijani officials claim Sumgait genocide was organized by Armenians. They found out that one of the murderers in Sumgait had Armenian surname of his step-father and use this to call Armenians organized mass-slaughter of Armenians in Sumgait. While a huge number of facts, testimony of witnesses claim, the nationalist movement of Azerbaijan together with officials from higher instances of AzSSR prepared and implemented a massacre of Armenians. No police interfered the slaughter for several day, no military troops were entered the city for three days from 27 to 29 February 1988.

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