Turkish president guards are preparing for visit to Armenia

While the Armenian and Turkish press analyze the possible visit of Turkish President Abdulah Gul to Armenia, Turkish president guards are preparing for possible visit to Armenia, Today’s Zaman reports. A 15-member counterattack team is going to accompany the president during his visit to Armenia. At the same time officials at the Foreign Ministry of Turkey did not confirm the future visit to Armenia.

Meanwhile Hurriet publishes Armenian president Serze Sargsyan’s interview to the Radical:

Establishing diplomatic relations is the best solution. As a result of this, a lot of sub-committees and groups can be formed under the umbrella of a commission created within both governments…

The warming in the relations of Armenia and Turkey looks like changes the situation over the neighbouring relations of the two countries.

Turkey has blocked the border with Armenia in 1993, aiming at to stop the process of going Artsakh (Karabakh) independent during the war in the region. In 1991 Artsakh organized referendum and the people of the country made a decision to go independent according to the acting constitution of Soviet Union of that time, but Azerbaijan initiated military actions to bring it inside by means of force.


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