Azerbaijan: How false reports are created

Panorama reports Artsakh (Karabakh) Republic MFA Information Department head Marcelle Petrosyan’s commentaries on the recent “news” from Azerbaijani Press about creation of a new village settlement for refugees called Nargiztepe on the territory of Artsakh remaining under occupation of Azerbaijan 2-3km far from the border line. There is no need actually to settle 5-6 thousands refugees right close to the border of Artsakh (Karabakh), which as Azerbaijani press usually reports is “regularly attacked by the aggressive Artsakh militaries” (the reason of such pseudo-attacks are never explained). The official claims this is supposedly a usual false report from Azerbaijani propaganda agencies and the further evolution of events may go to disseminating falsified news about allegedly attacked settlement of Azerbaijani turks by Artsakh Security Army, so that once more to accuse Artsakh Armenian part in warlike tendencies.


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